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Invitation Letter to China for Visa


Are you looking for Invitation letter to entrance to china?

Are you boring to the invitation letter limit by china embassy in your country?

Have you stopped by the china government entrance to China because no government invitation letter?


Because China Government start to limit to some foreigners who will be illegal staying in china,It’s difficult for some country people who are really want come to china for business and works.


So if you are trying to go in china but can’t get a legally acceptable Invitation letter from china side,please feel free to contact with us.

We offer invitation letters to any countries including Pakistan,Nigeria,Iraq,Afghanistan,turkey, Iran and so on. you also can contact with us.


1,write title as this “Invitation Letter”

2,when will come to china?

3,Copy of your passport

4,Copy of your company license and number and contact information

5,what’s your purpose to china? business or travel?

6,how long will stay in china?

7,Which city you will visit to ?

8,If you have contract with china company on the business,please send copy to us.

If you have any question about invitation letter,please send e-mail to contact us.

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